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Thursday, August 26, 2010

You know that feeling you get when its your first day at school or university, there is a big crowd of people and you do your best to look friendly and hope you make some friends? That is exactly how I've been feeling in Second Life. I've been visiting many nice sims but most of them have been empty so I decided I better hit one of the 'hot spots' listed in the destination guide to meet some new people.

I choose one of the newbie welcome areas, as after all a newbie is what I am and was teleported to an outdoor courtyard with many people around. At first I just listened to the public chat going on, which proved to be frustrating as some people were discussing how 'evil' rich people were and how business and the government was to blame for the problems in society. I took a deep breath and decided it was not a time to get into a debate, the people discussing it seems rather ignorant and naive and I realised I was there to make friends so there was no point and arguing with those kinds of people would not end well. Luckily just at that moment I received an IM from a friendly stranger who was looking for a chat and we shared our newbie experiences. (I learn't not to accept a script from a it can do very bad things lol)

After a while he had to leave and I decided to be proactive about meeting people. So I had a look at the profiles of people around me and IM'ed the ones that struck my interest. Honestly some ignored me, others were short and obviously not in the mood for conversation but I didn't want to give up. After all Second Life is meant to be a social experience. Then I stumbled upon a very nice guy who had completed studies in Anthropology at university..which intrigued me as in today's uni lecture we had an Anthropologist discuss Political Ecology. Turns out he was very nice, intelligent and we had a great chat.

Just as a I was leaving I met one other person who gave me a landmark to a surfing place in Second Life... surfing!! I never knew I could do that in world, not to mention I don't have to worry about great white sharks like I do here in Australia.  So thats the plan for tomorrrow... find a bikini and off to the beach I go ^_^

Stay tuned for my beach adventure!


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