I made something!! Faun & Satyr

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am so excited, I actually made something ! I saw a few people dressed as fauns and satyrs inworld and having always loved the creatures (one of my favourite movies is Pan's Labyrinth ^_^) I decided to try my hand at creating some faun and satyr legs.

It was a big learning experience, with alpha channels and sculpties but luckily I am very familiar with photoshop so I think my first attempt is not too shabby.

I'm not sure if I'll make heaps more items in the future, I guess I'll see how these go first. Also I decided to call my little business {Myth} because irl I'm a mythology geek and a great fan of the work of Joseph Campbell that does an incredible study on mythology through the ages and its importance to mankind. Anyway, I digress.. hope people like it and remember its my first item - I'm still learning!

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Winter's Wonderland - Not so wintery

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Well a week or so ago I decided to get some land to make a place of my very own. I researched online the various options, quickly rejecting the premium membership idea because I didn't like the look of the mainland area so I decided to rent in a private estate.

Finding attractive land is a pain. I spent two days browsing through classifieds and scouring the world map for a nice place to call home. Finally I found a sim I liked, the region called Belair, but unfortunately all the land was being rented. While I was at the estate office I bumped into the owner Gina Chrome and mentioned how I found the Belair land beautiful and she let me know that in a few days a new region just like Belair was going to be released for rent. I was so excited and waited patiently, checking back every day to see if the area was up yet.

When I noticed I was I raced there and examined every parcel carefully, I wanted the most privacy but also attractive bit of land. Finally I decided on one, it allowed me 585 prims for something like $969 a week which was within my budget. It was lush, green with sparkling blue water and I couldnt wait to get my home ready. I searched a lot of prefab designers, and while I adored Y's House and Barnesworth Anubis I couldn't find my dream house. So I decided to build it lol

For someone new to SL I must say building it was quite a challenge (thank goodness Im good with photoshop for textures hehe), and even now Im not 100% happy with it because sometimes textures flicker through one another but at least it has the overall design I wanted...and I like that no one out there has this exact house. After that exhausting exercise there was no way I was going to make my own furniture so I settled on purchasing some lovely bits from {Whats Next} and cute little japanese stores I found around the place.

My house now features a cosy living room with a fireplace and plenty of seating for people to gather and talk, some towels on the deck to sunbathe on with drinks and watermelon in arms reach and a few steps below a sparkling pool with a pool ball that upon touching rezzes some fun tubes to float in. There is also a little rowboat for exploring and nearby on a tree there is a tyre swing which Winter loves to swing on. Upstairs there is a cute bed that lets you dance, jump or do other stuff on it *coughs* and a desk for when I'm working away on this little blog ^_^

I still have 380 prims left! (Can you believe it?!) So I can make it even more fun in the future. Anyone is welcome to come by for a swim or chat - I love meeting new people ^_^


Back baby!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well I had a big essay due, on 'Systems thinking for managers and its application to issues of sustainability and corporate social responsibility' *sighs* Therefore so my time in SL has been minimum for the past week, hence no update. However, now I'm back and have been having great fun delving back into my second life.

First thing first I found gorgeous cat ears in world and haven't wanted to take them off. Someone called me a 'neko' so being a newb and having no idea what they were on about I googled the term. It bought me to a very informative blog, www.virtualneko.com and I found out SL is filled with nekos! Anyway, I went out and got a matching tail (I'm an ocelot...I guess me choosing that last name was fate) and a nice ao.

Sort of hard to explain, but when I take them off now I feel boring, plain and can't stand it for too long. Having those kitty features attached makes me really separate real life from inworld and brings out a side of me that I do possess in real life, but I guess it just becomes more magnified. I've been told in real life by friends that I posses feline traits; everything has to be on my terms, I'm sassy and fiesty, curious like you wouldn't believe and I am a bit of a loner at times because other people simply irritate me lol Oh did I mention sexy? Rawr! Also I have a beautiful cat named Pandora IRL:

Of course I was raised with manners and I know how to work people in real life to get what I want so I keep the more extreme traits in check..however in second life I can truly be myself without worrying. Talk about a sense of freedom, I'm starting to understand why people adore SL.

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