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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Well a week or so ago I decided to get some land to make a place of my very own. I researched online the various options, quickly rejecting the premium membership idea because I didn't like the look of the mainland area so I decided to rent in a private estate.

Finding attractive land is a pain. I spent two days browsing through classifieds and scouring the world map for a nice place to call home. Finally I found a sim I liked, the region called Belair, but unfortunately all the land was being rented. While I was at the estate office I bumped into the owner Gina Chrome and mentioned how I found the Belair land beautiful and she let me know that in a few days a new region just like Belair was going to be released for rent. I was so excited and waited patiently, checking back every day to see if the area was up yet.

When I noticed I was I raced there and examined every parcel carefully, I wanted the most privacy but also attractive bit of land. Finally I decided on one, it allowed me 585 prims for something like $969 a week which was within my budget. It was lush, green with sparkling blue water and I couldnt wait to get my home ready. I searched a lot of prefab designers, and while I adored Y's House and Barnesworth Anubis I couldn't find my dream house. So I decided to build it lol

For someone new to SL I must say building it was quite a challenge (thank goodness Im good with photoshop for textures hehe), and even now Im not 100% happy with it because sometimes textures flicker through one another but at least it has the overall design I wanted...and I like that no one out there has this exact house. After that exhausting exercise there was no way I was going to make my own furniture so I settled on purchasing some lovely bits from {Whats Next} and cute little japanese stores I found around the place.

My house now features a cosy living room with a fireplace and plenty of seating for people to gather and talk, some towels on the deck to sunbathe on with drinks and watermelon in arms reach and a few steps below a sparkling pool with a pool ball that upon touching rezzes some fun tubes to float in. There is also a little rowboat for exploring and nearby on a tree there is a tyre swing which Winter loves to swing on. Upstairs there is a cute bed that lets you dance, jump or do other stuff on it *coughs* and a desk for when I'm working away on this little blog ^_^

I still have 380 prims left! (Can you believe it?!) So I can make it even more fun in the future. Anyone is welcome to come by for a swim or chat - I love meeting new people ^_^


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