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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well I had a big essay due, on 'Systems thinking for managers and its application to issues of sustainability and corporate social responsibility' *sighs* Therefore so my time in SL has been minimum for the past week, hence no update. However, now I'm back and have been having great fun delving back into my second life.

First thing first I found gorgeous cat ears in world and haven't wanted to take them off. Someone called me a 'neko' so being a newb and having no idea what they were on about I googled the term. It bought me to a very informative blog, and I found out SL is filled with nekos! Anyway, I went out and got a matching tail (I'm an ocelot...I guess me choosing that last name was fate) and a nice ao.

Sort of hard to explain, but when I take them off now I feel boring, plain and can't stand it for too long. Having those kitty features attached makes me really separate real life from inworld and brings out a side of me that I do possess in real life, but I guess it just becomes more magnified. I've been told in real life by friends that I posses feline traits; everything has to be on my terms, I'm sassy and fiesty, curious like you wouldn't believe and I am a bit of a loner at times because other people simply irritate me lol Oh did I mention sexy? Rawr! Also I have a beautiful cat named Pandora IRL:

Of course I was raised with manners and I know how to work people in real life to get what I want so I keep the more extreme traits in check..however in second life I can truly be myself without worrying. Talk about a sense of freedom, I'm starting to understand why people adore SL.


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